Construction & Maintenance in South Wales

We undertake a multitude of work ranging from fine finishing building repairs to general garden maintenance and landscaping.

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Feature stone repair & respraying

Cracked, crumbling broken or discoloured feature stone on your house can be seamlessly restored, whatever the problems.

We can repair damaged areas before matching the colour and texture of the repair to the rest of the areas. The repair process involves sealing and respraying the stone, making it completely weatherproof, and longer lasting than before.

External painting & decorating

First impressions always count, which is why it's important that your painting and decoration is finished to a high quality standard using high quality products.

Decorating the exterior of your property isn't just for aesthetic appearances. Decorating your property with the proper materials and standard will also help protect it. exterior decorating is the first line of defence against the weather.

Building cosmetic repair

Our work is carried out by fully qualified and highly trained cosmetic repair professionals, with extensive experience of repairing all surfaces.

Repairs to baths, shower trays, basins, kitchen units, kitchen doors, worktops, granite and marble, wood grain doors, UPVC, flooring, laminates, veneers, powder coated surfaces, and so much more.

Brick and stone repointing

The cost to repoint bricks sounds expensive but compared to the potential over time water damage effects that would occur.

Over time, stone and brickwork damage i inevitable, affecting both the aesthetic appeal of your building and wearing away at the pointing itself it can cause a costly amount of damp inside of the property and other structural issues.

Brick repair and tinting

Our professional brick tinting technicians can apply our brick tinting and dying solution to your property's newly or fading brickwork, guaranteeing you that perfect brick-match and desirable aesthetic.

We are able to perfectly colour treat and tint your brickwork to match other bricks (both internal and external) every time.

Garden maintenance & landscaping

Lawn care, planting, weeding, maintaining borders, hedge cutting, shrub and tree pruning... the list is extensive and endless and made up of maintaining anything that is growing in your garden.

From general garden clearances and maintenance to monthly visits for lawn care and garden maintenance, all enquiries are welcome.

Lime washing

Lime wash is a decorating product generally used on traditional properties. Lime washing provides a breathable paint finish with a unique, matt appearance.

Lime washing helps consolidate and improve the surface of both old and new plaster both physically and visually. Get in touch Today and talk with us regarding any lime washing services you may need.

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Recent projects at M.A.K.E

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Wooden and external cladding repaint

We put a lot of effort into repairing the wooden window frames from rot and redecorated them in satin white and changed the external cladding from brown to a lovely anthracite grey.

Slide image
Feature stone redecorating

This was a two day project due to the flaking of the old paint and the damage to the feature stone. We chipped and cleaned all of the stone and resprayed to the customers colour choice.

Slide image
Repointing to an old stone wall

Our weather struck repointing saved the structural integrity of this clients wall and now to the clients delight thankfully the exterior wall will go on to last many, many more years.

Slide image
External decorating

This is some of our external decorating work on a stipple texture. The old paint become faded and algae had started to form on the building. After a good clean down and repaint the house looks brilliant again.

Slide image
UPVC repair

This repair was after one of our clients accidentally hit the corner of this UPVC threshold with something heavy taking off the corner. We managed to save time money and waste with our UPVC repair.

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M.A.K.E is a family run multi skilled limited business based in Bridgend South Wales. We undertake a multitude of work ranging from fine finishing building repairs to general garden maintenance and landscaping.

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